Bishop Reding CSS Closed for the Summer

Dear Bishop Reding Community,

This email is a reminder that Bishop Reding CSS is closed to the public for the summer due to construction/renovations taking place in the school – please do not come to the school. If you have questions please call the school at 905-875-0124.

The school is tentatively going to be accessible to the public for registrations or concerns the week of August 27, but we will send an update later in the summer to confirm this.

Report cards that were not picked up on June 29 will be mailed home.

Beginning in September, Bishop Reding will also be undergoing major additions to the school – a 29 room addition on the west side of the building, a new cafeteria at the front of the building and a new daycare on the south east corner of the building. This will be followed in 2019 by renovations to the existing building resulting in a new theatre, gym, weight room and some renovated classrooms.

This is very exciting for our BR community! However, we will have to work together during the construction and renovations with respect to some of the challenges they will pose for traffic flow around the building, parking and access to parts of the building.

We will be forwarding more information in August about the additions and renovations and our plans to work with you to make the transition a smooth one.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

Take care,

Justine O’Grady


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