BR Catholic School Council Parent Workshop May 9 2019

Once again our Bishop Reding School/Parent Council cordially invite Parents, Students and School Staff to join us for another exciting and exhilarating Workshop Events for Mental Health and Wellness – “Families Bonding Through Meditation, While Feeling The Rhythm” event!

We are very pleased in having two One Hour Workshops available to each of you which consist of Yoga and learning the art of playing Musical Steel Drums! This event will  take place next Thursday, May, 9th, starting from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm being held here at Bishop Reding! Please see invitational flyer attached!

This exciting event will focus on improving and enhancing relationships connections between Family Members and School Staff within the Bishop Reding Community through participation in workshops, the connect collaboration of the Arts, Mind, Body and Soul Fitness.

Families will have the opportunity to have a selection choice of 2 workshops, so they can attend both workshops during the event. Having these opportunities will assist us as a Council to continue to support and encourage continuous parent engagement within our School community. In so doing we are providing everyone with the necessary support system and tools needed. It’s truly a very important element to our school and to let everyone know that we are always here for one another as a family community!

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Workshop #1 Yoga

Kristen Owens a Holistic Lifestyle Mentor and registered Nurse will take you on a spiritual journey through Yoga and Meditation! This is a workshop that will provide each of us with ways how we can decompress and learn the art of relaxation in the busy and stressful world we live in today! At the end of this one hour session, each of will feel refreshed as it will open us up to a whole new world allowing each of us to look at everything differently and positively! So looking forward to this workshop! This will be opened up to the first 30 people for each one hour sessions. So please sign up as this is a first come first serve.We wouldn’t want you missing out on this wonderful opportunity!

Workshop # 2 Steel Drums/Pan

Steph Rowe will be taking us on a musical journey through Steel Drums/Pan, showing each of us how therapeutic and importance music impacts each of us in an incredible and positively exciting way! At this workshop we will learn the art of working together positively while communicating and having loads of fun. Learning the art of playing steel drums will give each of us of the Caribbean Vibes making us all feel like we right there enjoying the harmonies of song!

Listening to these vibes will most definitely take us all to a magical place! At the end of this magical experience of Steel Drums/Pan we will be professionals making wonderful music together! This will be available to the first 66 people for each one hour workshop sessions! So it’s also a first come first serve! You most definitely do not want to miss out on this fantastic experience!

Please register by Tuesday May 7 and indicate your order of choice when selecting workshops on the Google Doc Registration at:

So please join us for an incredible evening experience for this very exciting event! Also joining us will be our school Health Nurse and other organizations before these workshops commence! You won’t be sorry! Sign up quickly on our Google Doc registration! See you soon!

God Bless,

Pat Grisoni – CSC Chair & The Bishop Reding School Council Crew/Members


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