Greetings from Bishop Reding Chaplaincy! Our Catholic perspective shows in every subject area and through the actions and attitudes of our whole staff. As Chaplain at Bishop Reding, I’m privileged to focus on spirituality, working deliberately to build us up as a community of faith.

In the first half of every semester, Grade 9 and 10 Retreats are in full swing. Each religion class will go on a one day retreat, during school hours. We explore a theme from the perspective of our faith in a loving God, using discussions and active learning. Grade 11 and 12 Student Retreat Leaders are the sparks that make our retreats memorable.

We also offer Bereavement Group.  It is open to any student who has experienced the death of a family member. We meet in a supportive and confidential environment to process the loss and promote healing. If you think you could use this group, please drop by the Chaplaincy Office and let me know.

Drop by my office anytime if you want to say hi, or if you need a listening ear, or if you’re interested in Chaplaincy events. My office is across from the student services office, not too far from the chapel.  I’d be happy to hear from you.

Mr. Campanelli