HCDSB Special Education Dept “ABA Bonanza”  

Special Education Dept “ABA Bonanza”  – we would like to share the following invitation with you:

The Special Education Department is excited to announce the ABA for All Bonanza event running for one entire day at Bishop Reding CSS this Friday, May 3rd, in the library..  This event will showcase what we do in education to support the use of ABA Methodology, highlighting the collaboration of multiple disciplines (Behaviour Analysts, Itinerants, Child and Youth Counselors, Speech Language Pathologists and Communication Disorder Assistants), and celebrating all the great things already happening in our Board. The ABA Bonanza is an opportunity to learn more about Educational ABA and to help parents and all those who work in education to better understand what educational ABA is, and what is expected in an education context.

See this link for additional information: https://youtu.be/OXetknaoba4

Parents in the community are welcome to attend the ABA Bonanza from 9 am to 2 pm  to learn about what we do in education to support the use of ABA Methodology and to celebrate the great things already occurring in our school. ‘    Thank you for your support!

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