“Making the Most of My Summer” By: Tife Ademidun 

My name is Tife Ademidun and I am a grade twelve student at Bishop Reding. I enjoy  involving myself in various programs and initiatives in my school as well as my local community.  This summer I had the privilege of participating in the Women in Engineering Summer Research  and Mentorship program at the Lassonde school of Engineering. This program offered seventy  grade eleven female students a job working in an engineering research lab at York University. As a  result of my expressed interests, I was placed in a biomedical devices lab where I worked with  biopotential telemetry devices such as electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms and  electromyograms alongside a university professor and various graduate students. I also spent  much of my time at York outside of the labs. When I was not conducting research, I was touring  the campus, participating in workshops, listening to guest speakers or grabbing lunch with my lab  mates. By the end of the summer I had not only enriched my understanding of engineering, but  consequently developed various skills, made countless friends and created memories that will last  a lifetime.

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