There is safety in numbers and math counts!

Extra Help

General Extra Help sessions are run by the math department every Wednesday, from 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. in Room 209.  Math teachers will assist with these sessions on a rotating schedule.  The structure of these sessions is that students are working individually or in small groups on homework, test correction and/or test preparation while the teacher circulates the room answering questions.  Some students use this time simply as a place to do homework, while others use it to get help on specific topics where they are experiencing difficulty.  The amount of individual attention received by the student will vary depending on the number of students who attend each week.  It is the student’s responsibility to raise his/her hand if he/she needs assistance from the teacher.

Online homework help:


Math Contests

All contests will take place in the library.Notes:

  • Students are to go directly to the library on the day of the contest. Do not go to period 1 first.
  • Registration will take place using com
  • Students are to write the contest based on their current grade, regardless of the math course he/she is currently taking (i.e. a grade 11 student enrolled in a grade 12 course is still eligible to write a  grade 11 contest)
  • The cost reflects the amount charged by the University of Waterloo
  • There will be no refunds once the contests have been ordered.
  • Students are responsible for remembering to go to the library at the appropriate time.
  • For more information and past contests & solutions, please visit www.cemc.uwaterloo.c


The Grade 9 EQAO assessment is written by all students registered in a Grade 9 Academic or Grade 9 Applied Mathematics course. This is a ministry mandated assessment that does count towards a student’s final mark.

Students will write the EQAO assessment towards the end of the semester in which they are studying math.

  • Semester 1 – (actual dates TBD)
  • Semester 2 – (actual dates TBD)

More details, including the specific date(s) and time will be given at a later time. Please see for more details, including sample questions from past assessments.