New Timetable for BR for the 2019 2020 School Year

Our student population at Bishop Reding CSS continues to grow – we anticipate that we will exceed 2000 students by September. We will soon be starting construction on our new addition, which is very exciting.

However, in the meantime, we will be changing our timetable next year to a 5 period day. This will allow us to use each of our specialty rooms two additional times throughout the year, which is very beneficial.

Our schedule for next year will be as follows:

Period 1: 8:10 am – 9:30 am
Period 2: 9:35 am – 10:50 am ** Grade 12/11 Lunch
Period 3: 10:55 am – 12:10 pm ** Grade 9/11 Lunch
Period 4: 12:15 pm – 1:30 pm ** Grade 10/11 Lunch
Period 5: 1:35 pm – 2:50 pm

Our day starts a little earlier (8:10 am) and ends a little later (2:50 pm). Arrangements have been made with Halton Transportation to accommodate these changes. Students will have a 75 minute lunch period, which will be helpful for completing homework during the day and seeking help from teachers.

We believe that these changes are in the best interests of our students by ensuring access to rooms and resources to support their learning. We thank you for your support as we move through this transition.

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