Pedestrian Crossover Safety and Transportation Master Plan

Good Evening Parents and Guardians:

A request has been made by the Town of Milton to pass on the following information:

Parents – Answer 5 questions to shape the future of transportation in Milton

As parents of schoolchildren who navigate throughout the community, your input is being welcomed as an integral part of the development of the Town of Milton Transportation Master Plan. This initiative is part of a proactive approach to planning for growth and the Town’s vision for a well-connected community. This plan will define an integrated network of walking, cycling, transit routes and streets to help you get to your work, school and play destinations. We invite your feedback!

Interactive survey and mapping exercise (available until February 17):

Town and Police launch Project Safe Crossing for drivers and pedestrians

Halton Regional Police and the Town of Milton are partnering for a month-long campaign in February entitled Project Safe Crossing to improve safety at pedestrian crossovers in Milton. Together, they are asking motorists to come to a complete stop for pedestrians at crossovers and to remain stopped until the pedestrian reaches the other side of the intersection. All road users, including motorists, pedestrians and cyclists must obey pedestrian crossover rules. Please help keep student pedestrians safe in Milton!

Web page:

Print-friendly information sheet:

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