Health & Physical Education

The health and physical education program promotes healthy active living, and enjoyment and regular, enthusiastic participation in physical activity. The courses will help students understand how their personal actions and decisions will affect their health, fitness, and well-being. All courses in this curriculum address relevant health issues and provide students with a wide variety of activities that promote fitness, the development of living skills, and personal competence.

The health and physical education courses in Grades 9 and 10 are made up of four strands: physical activity, active living, healthy living, and living skills. In each course, students will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and to build a commitment to lifelong participation in physical activity. The focus on positive, responsible personal and social behaviour in physical activity settings encourages students to make safe and wise choices.

The expectations in the Grade 11 and 12 health and physical education courses are organized into the following strands:

Curricular Physical Education Form

Grades 11 and 12, Healthy Active Living Education

  • Physical Activity
  • Active Living
  • Healthy Living
  • Living Skills

Grade 11, Health for Life

  • Determinants of Health
  • Community Health
  • Vitality

Grade 12, Exercise Science

  • The Biological Basis of Movement
  • Motor Development
  • Physical Activity and Sports in Society

Grade 12, Recreation and Fitness Leadership

  • Leadership
  • Facilitation of Recreation and Leisure
  • Physical Fitness and Well-Being

These courses emphasize regular participation in a variety of enjoyable physical activities that will enhance students’ fitness, health, and personal competence, and that will promote lifelong active living. Students will be encouraged to pursue physical activities outside the school program for fun, personal fitness, and health. In the living skills component of these courses, students will learn and apply decision-making, conflict resolution, and social skills. Issues investigated in the healthy living component include healthy growth and sexuality, mental health, personal safety, and injury prevention.