Student and Grad Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee is $65.00. The Student Activity Fee includes:
  • School Yearbook
  • Student Agenda
  • Locks
  • School Assemblies, Special Events (Guest Speakers)
  • Co-Curricular(Athletics/Arts)
  • Facilitating Student Leadership Conferences
  • School Functions
  • Awards
  • After School Curricular (Literacy, Numeracy, Student Success)
  • Miscellaneous

*The Student Activity Fee supports activities and materials that enhance school life experiences; however, if there are concerns with the payment of this fee, please contact the school Principal.


The Graduation Fee is $95.00. The Grad Fee includes:
  • Gown and Sash
  • Brunch
  • Flowers
  • Diploma
  • Diploma Cover
  • Hall Rental
  • Other General Grad Ceremony Expenses
This year all Grade 12s will be asked to complete the MANDATORY ONLINE Grad Application located on the Student Services Website by October 11th. If you plan to participate in the ceremony, you must also submit with your ONLINE APPLICATION your cash on-line receipt # indicating your payment of the Graduation Fee ($95.00)