Summer School

Step # 1 – Signing up for Summer school course via MYBLUEPRINT

(Opens up April 24th) 


      1. Students log into your myBlueprint account.
      2. On the left side, click Continuing Education hyperlink.
      3. Click Explore to view courses
      4. Students can type a course code in the Search box or click on a summer school location to view and select a desired course. Students can click on the course name to view more information regarding the course including prerequisites required to take the course.
      5. Click Submit Course when you are ready.
      6. Print the Sign Off sheet and return it to your Counsellor in Student Services.  Your counsellor will then Approve your course at that time for summer school.
      7. Your summer school submission will not be approved until you return your sign off sheet signed by a parent/guardian.
      8. You must log into your myBlueprint again and check your Notifications located on the top right corner of your account to see if you have been Accepted into the course.  Simply submitting does not mean you have been accepted for your course in summer school.  Your counsellor will approve your course in order for you to be accepted.

For a printable and more detailed instructions and information, please click here (LINK)

For more information about Summer School COOP, please click here (LINK)

For an Instructional Video on how to select a summer school course via myBlueprint, please see below:

Step # 2 – Complete the SUBSTITUTION Form for you summer school course

      1. Print and Complete the following Form (LINK) … Step # 1 should have already been completed.

This form is used to indicate which course you would like to input into your schedule for next year (2019-2020) instead of the summer school course that is there now.  ** Please note, Summer school religion courses cannot be substituted out of the student’s schedule until the course has been completed

Step # 3 – Submitting your FORMS to Student Services

Your summer school submission will not be approved until you return:

        1. “myBlueprint” sign off sheet signed by a parent/guardian
        2. “Summer School Substitution Form” sign off sheet signed by a parent/guardian