Vaping Concerns – Working to keep our students healthy and safe!

Dear Bishop Reding Families,


Our school community is having difficulty with students vaping in the washrooms, changerooms and on school property. 


We have had multiple student reports and parent complaints. Vapes can have a negative impact on the health of both those who imbibe in vaping and those in the vicinity of the vape. It can especially be harmful to students who suffer from asthma and other respiratory issues.


Vaping on school property is a violation of board and school policy. The new Smoke Free Ontario Act came into force on July 1, 2018 and now includes Electronic Cigarettes (Vapes). The Electronic Cigarettes Act bans the sale and supply of vapes to anyone under the age of 19.


We wish to inform our parent community that any student caught vaping or smoking on school property will be suspended. The vape will be considered in the same category as drug paraphernalia and will be confiscated and carry a 2 to 3 days suspension for the first offence. We ask for your support in reviewing this situation with your child. You can refer to the School Website ( for the Grade Assembly presentation where we addressed this issue with our students.  Please know that the concern around the practice of vaping is being raised by our student community and endorsed by our administrative team.


We are asking for the support of our parent community to address this issue with your sons and daughters.  

Thank you.


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